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Corporate apartments in Malmö

Malmö is the largest city in south Sweden and part of the greater Copenhagen area. It is a very progressive city with cultural influences from all over the world. Architecturally, Malmö is a pioneer in modern design. The unique Turning Torso residential building is an excellent example of this.

A wide variety of companies in operate in Malmö such as bio, medical, environmental as well information and communication technology.

In addition lots of companies in digital media, transportation, financial services, business, leisure, entertainment and construction are active and thriving in the city.

The university, attracts some 15.000 students every year, making Malmö a young and energetic city full of talent.

It is a major commercial hub in the south of Sweden, as part of the Öresund region with the capital of Denmark just 20 mins away by car or train.

Hyllie Gärde – Malmö

The newly developed and modern district of Hyllie is the hub in the Öresund region and is also known as Greater Copenhagen. The last train stop on the Swerdish side is here and from here the ride to Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup takes only 12 minutes. Hyllie has great residential areas, offices, reaturants, the Malmö Exhibition Centre which is a trade fair center as well as the largest shopping precinct in Scandinavia, Emporia.

Reaching Hyllie is easy by air, train and car. It is very close to two international airports.

Floor plan


Large open plan living spaces with lots of natural light. They have good sized balconies overlooking its surroundings.

Modern design and fully tiled bathrooms with washing machine and dryer in all apartments. Electric floor heating and towel racks enhance the comfort of the bathrooms.


A beautifully landscaped inner courtyard with flowers and terraces have been designed to experience quality outdoor living.

Enclosed courtyards that create a very cozy atmosphere with comfortable seating and a nice pergola along play areas for the children.

The iconic Hyllie Station is just a short walk away. From here, the train to Malmö Central takes only 7 minutes, Copenhagen Central in 28 minutes and the International Airport Kastrup in less than 15 minutes.